The Difference Between Dream Predictions And Synchronicity

The dream language basically helps you understand your absurdity and the absurdity of the world. When you have this function in mind, you can easily understand the unconscious messages.

Your dreams help you correct your mistakes. You will have positive dreams when you will transform your personality and stop making mistakes.

Many people have false impressions about the function of the dream messages because of all the distortions of various subjective dream interpreters who ignore the rules of the dream language. Only Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation accurately translates the meaning of dreams.

His method is so obscure and time consuming that only a few souls had the patience to seriously follow his steps. This is why the world didn’t understand that only Jung’s method helps you really solve your psychological problems and a lot more.

Fortunately, I simplified and clarified his method of dream interpretation and today you can easily learn it, independently of your educational level. This way you have the chance to find the solutions you need through dream translation, and Jung’s work didn’t go wasted besides its tremendous value because the world wasn’t persistent enough to understand it.

For example, many people don’t understand the difference between dream predictions and synchronicity.

The truth is that they are similar and many times both work at the same time. However, there are dreams that are only giving to the dreamer a symbolic message and are not predicting a future fact, even when this fact really happens in the dreamer’s daily life. First of all you have to pay attention to the symbolic meaning of the dream.

For example, a young man had the following dream:

I was walking in the city and I met my friend A (he is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion). We talked about something, but I don’t remember the conversation. He was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.

Dream translation:

‘I was walking in the city and I met my friend A (he is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion).’

Your represent your ego in dreams.

The city represents a dangerous place.

Your friend A represents a part of your personality that is snobbish and cares too much about other people’s opinion.

This means that he is a negative part of your personality. You should be humble, and you should accept the fact that you cannot please everyone.

‘We talked about something, but I don’t remember the conversation.’

This negative part of your personality was trying to influence your ego.

‘He was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.’

The clothes you wear in dreams represent your social image; what you show to the world about yourself. This image usually is false.

The green color represents life.

Jeans indicate immaturity because they are pants for teens – even though many adults wear them. In dreams they represent a tendency to behave like a teen.

Therefore, this snobbish part of your personality was pretending to give you life and youth. This was the social image it was presenting to the world. However, this was a false impression.

When you are snobbish you put yourself on the top and everyone else in an inferior position. Therefore, you make everyone feel uncomfortable when they are with you. You must be humble, sensitive, and friendly.

Now, let’s suppose that this dreamer really meets his friend A in the street the next day. This fact reflects synchronicity. It was showing to the dreamer that he had to be very careful and stop showing off because this behavior was negative and dangerous.

Meeting his friend wasn’t an important event. He meets this friend many times because they go to the same places.

What was important was not the prediction of this meeting, but the alarm given by the synchronicity. The dreamer had to stop believing that by showing off he was having a pleasant experience.

The meaning of dreams usually reflects mistakes, problems, and dangers with the intention to protect the dreamers from the absurdity of their anti-conscience and the absurdity of the world, so that they may positively change their personality.

Once you have this basic truth in mind, you will be able to easier translate the meaning of your dreams, and understand the precious unconscious messages.

Source by Christina Sponias

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