API Tropical Mini Pellet, 1.7-Ounce Each (3 Pack)

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Contains Three API Tropical Mini pellets Mini sinking pellets Fish Food 1.7-Ounce container
Contains key nutrients for a complete and balance diet for all tropical community fish
Includes high-quality proteins, such as Squid and shrimp, for optimal fish growth

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Feed your small tropical fish a protein-enriched food regimen that has been scientifically formulated to advertise wholesome development and cleaner, clearer water with API TROPICAL MINI PELLETS Mini Sinking Pellets Fish Meals. When fish are overfed or fed meals with low palatability, the buildup of poorly-digested and unconsumed meals in aquarium water can result in elevated waste and raised ammonia ranges, which is poisonous to fish. The elevated toxins and stress could cause gill harm, sickness and demise. By feeding your small tropical fish API TROPICAL MINI PELLETS, you are giving them a whole, balanced food regimen that is ideally suited for them. Every pellet incorporates nutritionally-enhanced proteins to advertise optimum digestion and produce general much less ammonia. API Fish Meals is formulated for a wide range of standard fish resembling cichlids, goldfish, tetra, betta, angelfish and extra with prime quality components fish love resembling algae, shrimp, worms and extra. Hold your fish wholesome, glad and colourful with meals that incorporates optimum ranges of vitamins in addition to helps produce much less waste, toxins and stress. For delayed launch attempt API VACATION and WEEKEND PYRAMID FEEDERS.

Comprises Three API Tropical Mini pellets Mini sinking pellets Fish Meals 1.7-Ounce container
Comprises key vitamins for a whole and steadiness food regimen for all tropical group fish
Contains high-quality proteins, resembling Squid and shrimp, for optimum fish development
Formulated to assist fish extra readily use vitamins which implies much less waste and clear, clear water
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