How Miserable Lives Of Tibetan Victims Have Become

The Tibetan riots have been a miserable experience for those who have been deeply hurt and injured by the way they were treated by Chinese authorities.

Women who expressed their sentiments in the rallies against China, along with the monks, have been victimized by cruelty and curtailment of their freedom of expression.

Riots in Tibet during the March 14 incident were a nightmare and no one could have ever thought these will be as bloody as ever. These incidents were certainly a devastating experience for the families of the five women who were burned to death in a nearby clothing store where the riots occurred.

The turn of events was like filming a movie that you wouldn’t want to happen in real life.

Up to this day, the Dalai Lama is suspected to be the mastermind of the Tibetan riots as Meng Jianzhu, head of the Ministry of Public Security, visited the burned store and delivered the message of the government.

But I believe this is pure allegation and no evidence has been gathered to prove this hearsay as true. What Beijing has not realized is that these incidents are a big blow on the head of Chinese authorities and only validate their countless violations to the powerless Tibetans.

Tibet is a small country and yet China used its full-throttled cruelty to stop any riots against the superpower nation. I am very sure the setbacks as the Beijing Olympics nears are greater than expected because of this. Both countries should talk things over.

Source by Maynard Joseph Delfin

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