Healthy Diet Plans for Specific Body Type

Overweight people all over the world attempt numerous different diet plans to lose the weight but the outcome is often not what was expected. This could be due to the fact that every diet program is not made for every body type. Diet plans to lose weight work far more efficiently if they are geared specifically for your body type. If you don’t take into account your body type when choosing a weight loss program, the ability to lose the weight can be hampered, causing frustration and eventual abandon as well as gaining back anything lost.

The question you probably have now is how I determine my body type? Body types could be classified by many things including shape, blood type medical conditions, genetic or otherwise. For example diet meal plans for an average person might be disastrous for a person suffering from someone with diabetes. Similarly there are specific healthy diet plans for people with high cholesterol, even if they don’t have much excess weight on their body. This article refers to diet plans designed specifically for weight loss.

Gender type is also a factor in tailored diet plans. When considering a weight loss diet plan for women in the age group of 25 to 55 generally the body shape will be the deciding factor, provided they do not have any medical condition. One such system has classified the body shape of women into four categories and diet meal plans are advised accordingly for each type.

It make sense to categorize body form types according to body form shape as each type will have a tendency to gain fat in certain areas of the body more so than others. Women having a Lymphatic body type will be chubby all over and are prone to gaining weight quite easily. Such types have a slow metabolic rate and will need a custom diet plan to accommodate it.

Women with a Gynaeoid body type are usually pear shaped and the tendency is to gain weight in the buttocks and thigh areas. These women tend to have more of the estrogen hormone which is the main reason for the fat deposits on the lower parts of the body. When the diet plan is not specific for this body form type, the results may not be desirable.

The Android body type woman has a metabolism which is anabolic, great if the goal happens to be body building. Excess weight generally occurs in the abdomen area and in the upper areas of the body. The diet plan should be able to balance the metabolism of this body type in order to reduce weight.

The least likely body type to gain weight is the Thyroid category where the woman will be long limbed having narrow bone structure. Although there is not a large predisposition to gain weight, it is possible and fat will tend to accumulate behind the thighs and buttocks.

As you can see no two people are the same, the differences in body shape are seen from person to person. The differences also span the genders as men and women won’t gain or lose weight at the same rate. Gender specific hormone levels play a role in weight loss as well therefore a tailored diet meal plan is essential to avoid frustration and failure. A custom made diet plan to lose weight will work with you and help you get the body you’ve always desired.

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