From Banker To Famed Zumba Instructor, Shwetambari Shetty Is Proof That Staying In Step With Your Dreams Is Fabulous

From Banker To Famed Zumba Instructor, Shwetambari Shetty Is Proof That Staying In Step With Your Dreams Is Fabulous Hyderabd040-395603080 August 9, 2019

Shwetambari Shetty — this name has become a well-known one in the world of fitness, and especially in the world of Zumba. We’ve seen and read stories about women who started from a below poverty line life and ace their dreams. We’ve seen women struggle for their right to freedom of speech. We’ve never come across a woman who would let go of a successful career and choose another career path for herself, have we? Such is the story of Shwetambari Shetty, this 34-year-old woman approached a new world with open arms because she knew that she had set off to make her dream life a reality.

Shwetambari, an ex-banker is now a Zumba Fitness Master Trainer and can also be considered as one among India’s fittest women. She has become an inspiration for many out there who lead a couch potato life and she urges them to pick an active lifestyle. Shwetambari has established herself as an eminent leader in the male-dominated world of fitness with a muster of businesses such an hour in the radio show, fitness show on Tata Sky Fitness with channel number 113. Also she has her chain of fitness, The Tribe and an upcoming web series. And just like a Zumba workout session, she puts efforts to sync all of her businesses without missing any beat.

She Decided To Write Her Own Destiny

Shwetambari was born to a coastal Kundapur family where education, a good job, a right marriage, and motherhood came within the brackets of an ideal, successful life. Shwetambari graduated with a commerce degree and landed a job in HSBC. But her heart never felt a part of the number world, she always knew that she had to do something more, something very different. Her father had introduced her to the world of yoga when she was just seven, and her active participation in sports helped her shape her desire to be a part of the fitness world. And when she got an opportunity to work in a health club, she just dived into it. But who risks a well-paying job for a small role in a fitness club, right? To this, Shwetambari answers that she wanted to try something unique and was ready to risk anything for it. Because, for her money was never a priority, happiness was!

Her Husband Was The Backbone Of Her Dreams

Zumba was introduced in India in the year 2011, and Shwetambari was one of the first few to take up training courses as an instructor in Zumba. For those of you who aren’t aware, Zumba is a workout that requires high energy as it combines dance with fitness. This workout had already made a place for itself in the hearts of other parts of the world, and when it entered India, it was welcomed in a hearty way. Because, hey, we all know how much we, Indians love dancing, and when you get to know you can get fit by doing it, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity, right? After her certification, Shwetambari got married and a few months into the marriage, her husband, Vivek Chandran persuaded her to do something about the certification and that’s when she started taking Zumba classes.

Her family certainly wasn’t happy with this decision of hers. But her husband’s staunch support helped her brave through all the disapproval and disappointment of her family. Her hard work as a Zumba trainer soon paid off and she became the face of Zumba in Bengaluru.

It’s Been A Successful Journey

In the year 2014, Shwetambari set up The Tribe — one of its kind fitness clubs that involved exercising in groups. She started this off with a friend, a few years down the lane, quite recently, which is a tech startup concerning health, also led by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori (former executives of Flipkart) invested to boost the offline presence of The Tribe. She is also currently trying to tie up with Cult fitness as they are a fitness chain that mixes various combat training styles and activities including Zumba.

In just three years, she’s opened three centers and her collaboration with Cult lead her to a total of nine centers. She beamingly says that she is soon expanding her business outside Bengaluru and she is overwhelmed with how her journey has turned out to be.

Exercising Is Her Happy Pill

A description of her every day schedule itself is enough to get us out of breath. She says that all her seven days of a week starting at 7 am and end at 10 pm. This gives her very little personal time with her husband but her husband has been her rock and just backs her to go live her dream even more.

She says that training herself and others has become the purpose of her life. She says that by helping people train she can contribute to their good health and relieve their stress. The gratification she receives by doing this is indescribable for her. She firmly believes that exercising is all you need to keep all kinds of ailments at bay. Through preaching fitness she is helping people live a better life, don’t you think?

So, how many of you are inspired to start the fabulous journey towards your dreams after reading this? Also, how many of you want the journey to be fit? Let us know in the comments below.

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