Can Predictions In Dreams Come True?

A bad event predicted in a dream can happen at any time. If the dreamer will not change his or her attitude he will have a traumatic experience that will punish him for his negative attitude in a few days, or in a few months, or in a few years. Everything depends on numerous factors.

However, what really matters is the fact that dream predictions come true.

Everyone's future depends on their actions. If they keep repeating the same mistakes and avoiding their obligations, at a certain point they will certainly face the consequences of their irresponsibility and stubbornness.

I already saw many disobedient dreamers regret not having done what God showed them in their dreams before seeing a bad event predicted in a dream happening in their lives.

You have to be prudent and prevent bad situations that can put your mental health in danger. The warnings you have in dreams are serious predictions that you must take into consideration.

Now you know that there is a demon in your brain. So, do not be naïve. You have to be afraid of your mistakes. If you will be an odd coward, the demon will replace your ego.

The meaning of dreams was distorted for numerous years by many impostors, and it was devalued by the modern civilization. Many people laugh with the idea to pay attention to their dreams and respect the dream messages because they believe that dreams are meaningless images that make no sense.

Carl Jung's work put an end to all misconceptions about the meaning of dreams, but the ignorant world could not understand his complicated method of dream interpretation. I could not understand it either. I had to study more than too much in order to understand it.

A book written by one of his students (Esther Harding) helped me really understand the meaning of the trip to the Self. Carl Jung had many admirers and many of his students proved to the world that his work was extraordinary.

I'm a student and patient who was saved from schizophrenia thanks to his brilliant method of dream interpretation before losing my mind. I'm providing to the world that he really discovered the accurate meaning of dreams because he managed to discover God's words in dreams. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God's mind.

Jung believed that the unconscious mind was a good counselor for the human being, but we should make our decisions based on the conclusions of our own conscience.

I verified that I was neurotic thanks to Carl Jung's description of the behavioral characteristics of my psychological type, the introverted psychological type based on thoughts.

I studied the neuroses of all psychological types, concluding that all psychological types are absurd. At the same time I verified that the unconscious mind was helping me with the information it was giving me in dream messages, and I was feeling stronger.

Therefore, I concluded that the human conscience is absurd and that the unconscious mind is wise. This is why I actually obeyed the guidance in had my dreams instead of doing what my conscience desired.

I realized that I found a treasure. I was in contact with God.

I did not doubt that the meaning of dreams is more than important. You must have the same serious attitude and respect the meaning of your dreams, since you will clearly translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which I simplified after discovering more because I actually obeyed the guidance I had in my dreams.

I did not consider the unconscious mind as if it was only a counselor. I realized that the unconscious mind was God's mind and I obeyed the guidance I had even against my will.

You have to follow my example. In the beginning this is hard and you will desire to complain like I did, but you must be better than me because now you know everything I could discover. I did not know what you know while I was facing everything for the first time.

God will make you abandon your comfort zone and work hard in order to become a brilliant human being.

You must do what He shows you in your dreams and in your religion in order to be cured and have the chance to become an admirable saint who will save humanity from terror and despair, instead of being a selfish, cruel, and violent monster who merely pretends to have human feelings.

Your ignorant conscience is one-sided and underdeveloped, and it is constantly invaded by your satanic anti-conscience.

You have to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience through consciousness and become a saint in order to stop being exposed to this danger. This is why your obedience to God's guidance in your dreams is so important.

Your dreams save your conscience and help you become a sensitive genius, while your satanic anti-conscience tries to destroy your conscience through craziness and terror. You are obviously somewhere between the two extremes. The fact that you are in such position means that you must protect your conscience.

Source by Christina Sponias

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