6 Things For People Who Suck At Applying Eyeshadow

6 Things For People Who Suck At Applying Eyeshadow May 14, 2019

If there is one thing apart from the winged eyeliner that can give you a foxy look, it has to be its soul sister — the eyeshadow! Let’s just face this fact that even the most experienced of the makeup junkies get flummoxed while applying eyeshadow. Because there are too many deciding factors — palettes, colors, primers, creasing, blending, and what not! All this for that tiny area on our eyelids!

And if you thought following YouTube video tutorials will seal the deal here, you’re mistaken. Well, even if you religiously follow them second by second, you still might end up looking like your baby sister attacked your eyes with a crayon set. What they show in the video tutorial might not really work for you because the shape of eyes varies from person to person. So, if a particular idea works for someone who’s got mono lids, it might not work for the ones who have hooded lids.

Do you know the saying that knowledge is power? That’s exactly why we looked up trained makeup artists who’ve dealt with all shades of colors and all shapes of eyes. We borrowed some of their makeup wisdom and put together this quick guide for you all, who really need some serious help in doing their eyeshadow right. Give it a read.

1. Just Use Your Fingers

Sometimes, you don’t need a brush to put on your eyeshadow. On days when you’re in a hurry, and you just don’t have enough time to sit in front of the mirror and apply eye makeup in a leisurely manner, just use your fingertips.

Makeup experts recommend using cream-based eyeshadows when you’re applying them with your fingertips. And remember that you need to just tap the eyeshadow on your eyelids with your fingertips. You shouldn’t rub it in. Tapping will help to even out the eyeshadow on your eyelids and prevent any build up.

2. Use At Least Two, If Not More, Makeup Brushes

You know how one color just isn’t enough, right? At times, you end up blending two or more colors to get that perfect shade for your eyelids. In times like that, if you have a single brush, you’ll have to keep washing your brush every time you switch between the colors. To avoid doing that we suggest you use more than one brush, like these ones:

  • Short Haired Synthetic Brush: This can be used to apply color to the eyelids.
  • Domed Fluffy Brush: Can be used for blending.
  • Round Brush Which Has Dense Bristles: Can be used to line the under eyes to achieve a defined look.

3. First Comes Eyeshadow, Then Comes Foundation

If you’ve already tried applying eyeshadow, you know how the fallout of excess eyeshadow is a pain to clean up afterwards. While doing so, you might even end up disturbing your foundation base. To avoid all this drama, we recommend that you apply the eyeshadow first and then proceed with the foundation.

4. Fake Smoky Eyes With This Simple Trick

If you’ve watched any makeup video tutorial, you’ll know that to do a smoky-eye you need around 10 different products. Our option is a lot simpler. First, you need to create a base with a neutral shadow color. You can use your concealer for this. It will help even out your eyelid. You need to do this because everybody’s eyelids have big shifts in color. Next, use a darker shadow on the crease. You can get to the small corners of the eyes by using a small rounded brush. This will create a dummy smoke-eye effect. To create a V-shape effect, move the brush along the crease from the corner of the eye to at least two-thirds towards the nose. And then move towards the upper lashline and you’re done.

5. You Need To Go From Light To Dark

When you’re choosing the shades, make it a point to use a light and a dark shade that complement each other. And while applying the eyeshadow, apply the lighter shade first and then the darker. If you haven’t understood yet, this is how you do it — firstly, apply the lighter shade all over your eyelid. Then, apply the desired amount of darker shade to the outer crease and start blending it in. This is one of the easiest ways to blend eyeshadows of two colors.

6. Add Highlights To Your Lids With Metallic Eyeshadow

Have you ever highlighted your face? Highlighting eyelids is pretty similar to it. You have to apply a little highlighter to the parts of your eyelids where you want to draw everyone’s attention. Ideally, we’d recommend doing this on the middle of your eyelids as well as the inner corners of your eyelids. Makeup experts suggest using a shimmery eyeshadow powder for this purpose, instead of a creamy eyeshadow, as using the latter might mess with the eyeshadow which’s already on the eyes.

See, isn’t it simpler to put on eyeshadow now? Now you won’t be intimidated by watching video tutorials wherein they use multiple products to get the perfect eyeshadow look. And if you have any other easy tricks or hacks for applying eyeshadow, leave them in the comments below.

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