Clicker Training Tips

Are you having a hard time making your dog follow your commands? If you’re having difficulties making your dog obey even your simplest command, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore because there is one training style that can really help you with that. This is what trainers refer to as clicker training. This kind of training uses a device called clicker, and it is anchored on the psychological theory that pets need positive stimulant that should be consistently given for them to do a particular action. That really sounds so easy; thus, you can find in this article some basic clicker training tips that you can follow when training your pet.

You need to understand that the clicker device produces a simple clicking sound that should only be used on a very specific situation, so you should practice clicking on it so that you will only use one clicking sound every time you are going to train your dog. Once you have found the clicking sound or rhythm that you can use for your training, you are already off to go. Remember that in clicker training, you should only click on the device if your pet dog is already going to do the action. It’s really a matter of timing for this kind of training because you don’t want this audio stimulus to come earlier or later because it will give out a wrong signal to the dog. Thus, you have to click on it during that moment that the dog is about to the action, and once it has done the action, give the treat right away, which also depends on how long you want the dog to the action. A clicker is always paired with a treat because what comes after the clicking should be the giving of a treat. To put it in an analogy, the clicking sound is like telling the dog that it did something great and that it deserves a treat.

These are just some basic clicker training tips that you can use if you want to train you dog, and you can definitely produce a dog that follows your command in an instant.

Source by Paul Colin Bright

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