Getting Started – Clicker Training For Cats by Karen Pryor

After seeing a video on the internet on clicker training a cat, I couldn't help but pick this book up when I saw it on a bookstore shelf. Cats are thought to be untrainable, since they act as if they are so independent. My experience with cats, on the other hand, has been to the contrary; that is, with the exception of my son's Siamese. In my opinion, if one has a good relationship with his cat, that cat will be trainable, and using a clicker is much easier than many other methods of training pets.

Clicker Training for Cats has five chapters. In the first chapter, the author, Karen Pryor, touches the importance of training a cat and acquaints you, the reader, with clickers and how to use them. Second chapter targets the useful behavior you can teach a cat such as to come when called, to stop mewing around your legs when you are busy or cooking, to walk on a leash outdoors, to wait to be picked up, to be gentle and not claw or bite, and to let grooming happen without a struggle. A section at the end of this chapter shows how to train multiple cats at the same time. Third chapter is for teaching the cat to do tricks while giving it exercise and letting it have fun. Fourth chapter deals with problems cats may experience and teaches how to solve them. Fifth chapter gives information on clicker training books, videos, and tools. The fifteen tips given at the end of the book inside the appendix are also invaluable. The language of the author is clear and direct, and there are no photos, charts, or diagrams.

In only 85 pages, the book can be read very quickly, and its print is easy on the eyes; However, this is not a book to read once and put aside. This book deserves to stay on the shelf of a cat owner as reference material.

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats is published by Sunshine Books with ISBN-10: 1890948071 and ISBN-13: 978-1890948078.

Its author, Karen Pryor, is a scientist. She has gained international reputation in marine mammal biology and behavioral psychology, pioneering in animal training methods with positive reinforcement. She is the founder of clicker training for many kinds of animals. Born in 1932, she got her education at Cornell University with graduate work at the University of Hawaii and Rutgers. She is also a founder of Tagteach International for training coaches of sports and dance. Her written work constitutes of: Click to Win-Clicker Training for the Show Ring; Dolphin Societies- Discoveries and Puzzles; Don't Shoot The Dog -The New Art of Teaching and Training; A Dog and a Dolphin; Getting Started-Clicker Training for Cats; Getting Started-Clicker Training for Dogs; Lads Before the Wind; Nursing Your Baby; On Behavior-Essays and Research.

It is much easier to live with a cat that is happy, healthy, well-occupied, and positive. More than that, the knowledge gained from understanding a cat's behavior helps to create a stronger bond between the owner and his pet. A cat owner can be helped immensely from reading this book.

Source by Joy Cagil

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