Pet Obedience Training – Ironing Out the Behavior Creases

Pet obedience training is used to cure pets of their pesky, annoying and sometimes dangerous behaviors. Take for instance the dog that cannot be around children and constantly snaps or tries to bite kids in the family. The family might have a cat that continuously scratches or climbs inside the potted plants. All of these animals can be cured of their behavior through pet obedience training.

When it comes to pet obedience training, the owner can do it themselves at home or go through specialized classes with their pet. At home the owner needs to stock their home with positive reinforcement treats and toys to teach the pet the proper way of behaving. When the pet does something good such as letting the child pet its head, it gets a treat.

On the flip side of the coin, pet obedience training also has to use negative conditioning so the pet knows the bad behavior. A shock collar or spray bottle comes in handy at times like this. When the pet climbs into the plant or snaps at the child, it gets a spritz from the bottle. The shock collar lets the owner give the pet a small jolt of electricity when it attempts the bad behavior. Both of these things force the pet to stop their bad behavior immediately.

There are also pet obedience training classes where the owner can take their pet into the classroom setting and let a trained professional take over. The owner still handles the pet, but the trainer teaches the basic tricks and commands. Once the pet learns those commands, the owner begins to incorporate them into the pet's life. Eventually the pet learns to do the same behavior whenever the words are spoken, regardless of who speaks them. Pet obedience training really works on getting the pet to follow basic rules and commands.

Those who have a dog or cat that does not know commands and acts out inappropriately can benefit from pet obedience training. It teaches the pet the appropriate ways of behaving and breaks them of their bad behavior. The dog or cat that bits can be taught to stop acting out and learn to handle others around them.

Pet obedience training has a number of benefits for those that need it. The training can be done in the comfort of their own home or under the guidance of a trained professional. After some time working with the pet, nearly everyone of those pets begins to show improvement.

Source by Dean Forster

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