Does a Pet Dog or Cat Know It’s Going to Die?

When an animal is preparing to Die and go to Rainbow Bridge or Pet Heaven, it’s called the Transition Process. During this transition process your pet’s physical body energy will be in conflict with its Soul’s love for you. Your beloved companion will want to “be there” and “stay” emotionally for you even though everyone may or may not understand what’s occurring.

Sometimes when a pet is preparing to pass and you subliminally want them to “hang on” for your sake:

— The pet will walk away and start “distancing” themselves from you.

— Not look at you in your eyes.

— Avoid their normal personal contact habits.

— Stay or hide in another room trying to avoid the conflicting energy between you wanting them to live and them knowing “it’s time.”

— Another sign of impending transition is when you see an older or sickly pet sitting at a window or door just staring out as if they are memorizing their last earthly view. They are!

Do not have any guilt about the death process. Remember, whatever occurred was “scripted” and agreed upon between your souls before it happened. It’s an animal soul’s contract that your pet knew and knows he was/ is loved and that you were and are doing the best you could and can do during this horrific time.

If the death was “a sudden accident” that scenario was planned too. KNOW that everything is EXACTLY as it should have been for the lessons and learning opportunities you each contracted to experience.

Usually 24 – 48 hours prior to leaving its body your pet’s Soul will start to withdraw its life force energy. If you can see energy, their aura will gradually diminish. Now you must accept that their physical transition is imminent. During this timeframe or even beforehand you can ask your living pet if it is going to reincarnate.

If you see auras (a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person, pet or object like a halo), you will be able to notice your animal’s electromagnetic life force energy (aura) becoming more centrally organized near its heart area. Throughout this period an animal’s physical body becomes colder as their energy is being incrementally withdrawn in preparation for departure. This progressive physical process starts as cold paws and ears, pale gums, then lackluster or nonresponsive eyes, etc.

If you can track and see life force energy as I do, you will see an animal draw his aura energy inside of his body. Then your pet’s aura will begin to have lots of black holes in it. When the pet’s energy becomes totally black, at that time, you know their life force energy has completed transition and detached from its body. You will then watch whirling purple energy rotating in an upward counter clock wise direction as their life force essence crosses the death line, a solid black area, before reappearing on the life after death side as a bright white sparkler light in “all there is.”

If you want to assist your cherished companion in transitioning easier and without horrific physical complications, here’s what you can do:

1. Hold its front paws with your hands or place the hand that you write with (that’s your energy sending hand) on the pet’s body near its heart. If this is difficult to do it’s not imperative.

2. Look into your pet’s eyes if possible but not necessary. Ask within your heart or voice out loud: (Say one time or as often as you wish.) Your intent will assist in making your pet’s transition as gentle as possible. Do not change the wording or it will change the type of energy sent. “Fill in blank with Pet’s name, I love you. I honor, respect and support your choices. From the love in my heart, I send you my life force energy to use as you so choose.”

It is imperative that you use the words “as you so choose” so your pet can use that additional energy boost to either cross over or to get better— Then it’s THEIR choice!

Any animal like a human has several predetermined exit point choices within their lifetime. Your pet can choose to survive and stay at this exit point or cross. That concept goes hand in hand with the phase about a cat’s nine lives. Remember, no matter what you desire, there is a point beyond which any physical body can NOT regenerate or recover.

If your pet has decided to leave whether suddenly, after an illness or from the aging process, at some point in time BEFORE they cross to Rainbow Bridge, your pet will create a tender Memory Moment. It’s their way of cknowledging your love and saying thank you as they complete this incarnation.

A Memory Moment is a point in time when your pet creates an activity, gesture or behavior that is out of character for them at the moment. It’s a very distinct and obvious gesture that you recall and remember while wondering why they acted that way. Or its’ a valiant effort to appear “back to normal.”

A client’s cat was extremely ill for months and stayed alone in her bed in a dark corner. Several days after the client started saying the affirmation above, her cat got up, came over to sit in her lap and purred for the first time since her illness began. Later that night she calmly went to sleep (unassisted) in the safe haven of her owner’s love while her guardian was stating this affirmation. A dog lay in his owner’s lap and telepathically sent her a Kaleidoscope of all the wonderful and happy vignettes they shared throughout his 17 years.

Then he quietly drew his last breath.

A 31 year old horse that could not get up or stand for a week, suddenly stood when his person arrived. They walked outside together so he could graze. Midnight patiently endured a bath and later stood in the sunshine eating carrots and sugar cubes as he dried. After a good dinner with extra apples, he stood calmly munching on hay. As she left for the evening, he softly neighed their special love call. She was thrilled! He appeared to be “so much better.” At dawn’s light she received a call, Midnight died during the night, yet he had managed to create a lasting Memory Moment!

Other Memory Moments can be, your pet staring at you very intensely for long periods of time, as if they are telepathically trying to let you know. Reaching out uncharacteristically to touch you with their paw, perhaps sleeping under the covers or under the bed instead of on top of the bed as usual, all are subtle signs. Sending you dreams that they are leaving while they’re still alive or getting “well” and performing activities that make you think they’re going to be fine!

It’s all their special communication and courageous extra efforts to create a wonderful Memory Moment of all things good and filled with love to let you know no matter what happens, everything is just as it should be!

Source by Brent Atwater

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