Banfield Pet Insurance – A Leader in Preventive Care

Banfield pet insurance policies set the industry standard in preventive care pet insurance. With their signature Optimum Wellness Plans Banfield policies are designed to encourage regular medical care which has been proven to keep pets healthy and eliminate medical problems before they become chronic health problems. Study after study has proven that regular medical care is a prime factor in giving humans longer healthier lives. The same is true of our animal friends. If they are given access to regular medical care they will not only live longer but maintain a higher degree of energy and mobility into later life.

Banfield pet hospitals have a solid history in the pet care industry, with over 50 years of experience. They also have a nationwide network of hospitals with over 500 clinics throughout the United States. Banfield insurance is affordable because they have enrolled more than two million pets in their unique health care system. Banfield was started in Portland Oregon by Dr Warren J Wegert, DMV whose stated goal was to provide human-quality health care for pets. Since that time the Banfield group formed a unique partnership with PetSmart and opened pet health clinics in PetSmart stores across the USA. Banfield's philosophy is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Banfield preventive care is specifically tailored to make the cost of routine care affordable. Banfield pet insurance policies are specifically tailored for the age of your pet. Routine care plans will cover vaccinations, routine dental cleanings, lab work, and annual tooth-to-tail comprehensive check ups. Annual preventive care for pets is even more important than it is for humans because pets age faster. A single year can be equal to 6 or seven years of human aging. Imagine your 60 year old grandmother going for nearly 10 years without medical, dental or optical care. It is easy for us to forget how rapidly time can affect our pets. This is where a preventive health policy comes in.

If you truly want the best possible health care for your pet you will subscribe to a preventive health care policy. By ensuring that your pet has routine check ups you are helping to guard against chronic problems later in life. If you want a preventive health care policy that is backed by experience and a proven tract record for excellent veterinary medicine then you will want to enroll your pets in the Optimum Wellness Plan.

Source by Sherry L Harris

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